Elementary, Middle, and High School Assemblies

bully school assemblyKeith has worked extensively with young people of all ages.  He taught sixth grade and coached middle school academic teams.  He also taught summer sessions with children that had severe cognitive, physical and/or medical disabilities at the internationally acclaimed Gate Way Education Center in Greensboro NC. He has worked with high school students as a community youth leader as well as private coach, counselor and tutor.

For his work with at risk students and parent outreach, Keith is the winner of the “Teaching Excellence Award” as well as the “National Impact Award”.

Keith is not an entertainer that decided to put together a school presentation and tour the educational circuit.  Working with young people has been his life’s work.  Comedy is a tool Keith uses to hold his audience’s attention and make the concepts he is teaching “stick”.  It’s not about the comedy, it’s about the message.

Because Keith has worked as an educator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, he understands the cognitive abilities of students in different grades.  He adjusts his shows accordingly.  His high school anti bullying assembly is very different from his middle school assembly which is different from his elementary school assembly. 

His teacher and parent workshops also fit the needs of educators and parents that work with students in different grade levels.

As a former class room teacher, Keith understands that students have different learning styles. His anti bullying assembly has components that will appeal to audio, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

You can watch video testimony from teachers and administrators that work with kindergarten to high school students from throughout the nation on the home page, www.DontBullyOnline.com.  Click on the right hand video window entitled, “Administrator Feedback”.

Keith will show up to each school assembly early in order to discuss with administrators what they would like emphasized/addressed at their individual school.

“After Keith performed his anti bullying assemblies and we implemented his curriculum, we have seen a decrease in bullying / harassment problems during the year.”

Jim KuhnPrincipal,
Powell High School
Powell, WY

 “We used Keith’s live assemblies, workshops, and video curriculum to run an impactful anti bullying campaign that was well received by students, teachers, parents, and the school board.  The campaign dramatically changed the school culture.”

Dan Durglo
District Anti Bullying Coordinator
St Ignatius Public Schools, MT