The New Video Curriculum

Keith is now focusing exclusively on offering his video curriculum, Character Video, to schools and para school organizations. This is a powerful program that includes student, teacher, and parent targeted video lessons that can be streamed into the classroom, school wide, and even off campus.  To learn more about Keith’s videos, please go to . You may also contact Keith through the contact page on

Assembly FAQ's

Q:  How long are Keith’s virtual anti bullying assemblies?

His high school and middle school assemblies are 55 minutes. Though this may seem long, his comedic style keeps the students’ attention.  His elementary school assemblies are 45 minutes.  He also greets and interacts with the students as they depart the auditorium/gym.  (Keith can shorten or lengthen the anti bullying programs, if needed)


Q:  Keith’s video clips are a little edgy, does he really work with elementary and middle school students?

The performance clips on the web site were shot in front of a large, urban, high school audience.  Keith changes his program dramatically depending on the grade level and demographics of his audience.  For reassurance on the appropriateness of his assemblies for different grade levels, please view the “Administrators Only” video on the Assembly Demo Video Clips Page. The video is the second from the top. 



Q: How is the Bullying Assembly Different in the Fall?

The beginning of the school year offers a unique window. Think of a bullying assembly in the fall as preemptive. The students get new lockers, new classes, new teachers…it is a time of change. It is also a great time to change attitudes. Students are more open to behavioral change at the beginning of the year than any other time of the school year. This is not to say that school culture can not be changed or addressed in the spring, it’s just harder. When Keith is performing his show in schools during September and October, he modifies the show in order to take advantage of the fact that it is the beginning of a new school year and as such, a great time to change behaviors and attitudes. Students want to have a “better year than last year”…they just don’t know how.


Q: How is the Bullying Assembly Different in the Spring?

If a bullying assembly in the fall is preemptive, then a bullying assembly after the Christmas break tends to be reactive. Keith's experience as a teacher taught him that the Spring months tend to be more "challenging" in terms of student social behavior. Negative Patterns have been established, standardized testing is taking place and the sudents have been together for several months: it can be a tense time when students act out in unhealthy ways. In the second half of the year Keith is often brought in to stop rather then prevent bullying behavior. This is when Keith's experience as an award winning public schcool teacher will come in handy. He can spend time on the phone with school administrators prior to the event to find out exactly what is happening on thier campus or in thier system. These conversations will be kept confidential and Keith will modify his bullying assemblies to meet the individual communitie's needs.


Q:  Do the grade levels have to be broken up for Keith’s anti bullying assemblies?

Not at the middle and high school levels.  Keith can handle any size audience as long as they are in front of him.  They can’t be on both sides (opposite sides) of the gym, for example.  However, because of the great developmental differences between the grades at the elementary school level, Keith prefers to do at least two assembles for elementary schools: K – 2 and 3 – 5.


Q:  How much does Keith charge for his anti bullying programs?

Contact Keith Click Here for a detailed quote for your region of the country.  You will receive an all-inclusive quote.  The amount quoted includes round trip travel, lodging, food, etcetera.  You don’t have to book or worry about any of the logistics.


Q:  How can we make Keith’s assemblies affordable?

One of the ways you can make this affordable is to “share” Keith with other schools. Keith has a per day fee and will do up to four programs a day.  So, you could “share” Keith with another school and cut your portion of the fee in half.   Or share Keith with two other schools and only be responsible for one third of the daily rate.  Also, you may book Keith for multiple days in the region.  Because the cost of round trip travel can be spread out, Keith’s daily rate can be reduced.  In summary, the more assemblies Keith does and the longer he stays in a region, the less expensive the programs are for everybody.

This approach may sound like a lot of work, but it is not.  Simply blast out an email with a link to Keith’s site,, to all your educational contacts in the region with an explanation of what you are trying to do and the days you would like to do it, and see who jumps on board!


Another approach is to get the central office or district to help fund your assemblies.  The approach would be similar to the above.  Email a link to Keith’s site to the appropriate person at the central office with an explanation.  Often, the central office has funds you may not be aware of.  For example, Keith’s assemblies are often funded by “safe and drug free schools” monies.


Q: What about teacher workshops on bullying and cyber bullying prevention?

Keith was an award winning middle school teacher.  He understands teachers’ time is precious.  His teacher workshop, “Bully Proof Your Classroom” is not theory.  It is filled with practical strategies teachers can use to prevent or eliminate bullying and cyber bullying in their classrooms.  Keith offers his teacher workshop at no additional charge when conducting a two or more day tour.


Q:  What about parent workshops?

Keith won the National Impact Award for his work in parent education.  Parents will appreciate the easy to implement strategies he promotes in his parent workshop.  Parents have commented that one of the highlights is how he teaches them to monitor and control the use of social media. Keith’s parent workshop is offered at no additional costs when booking a two or more day tour.


Q:  How to Make an Anti Bullying Assembly Tour Happen?

Prices for bullying assemblies vary depending on location and area tours. If Keith is already in the area then costs will be lower because travel expenses are shared. Quoted prices are all inclusive; they include travel, lodging, and food costs, so you will know your total budget before booking. Keith will do up to FOUR assemblies per day. This allows you to "share" him with other schools or even school systems in order to reduce costs. Please contact Keith's office for a quote.


Q:  Why is Keith so passionate about bullying prevention?

Keith had to repeat third grade and was labeled with ADD, ADHD, BEH, dyslexia, and dysgraphia.  He was bullied because he was “different”.  He overcame his rather unique learning style, went to college and became a teacher.   Remembering his own childhood, he made sure his classroom was a bully free zone.  He received calls from other schools to speak and eventually became an internationally touring educational comedian.


Q:  Does Keith mention religion or politics in his assembly?

No, Keith does not directly mention or infer any political or religious views.  The assemblies, parent workshops, and teacher workshops are completely focused on preventing bullying and cyber bullying.


Q:  Does Keith mention sexting in his anti bullying assemblies?

Yes, at the high school level.  However, he does consult with the school administration about including this topic in the social media component of his assembly.  He may also include it in his middle school presentations after meeting with school administrators.  Keith’s travels and research have shown that this activity has proven to be a problem for many schools and systems throughout the country.  He does not touch on this at the elementary school level.


Q:  Will we be able to customize the programs for our unique situation?

Yes, you will be able to communicate directly with Keith weeks prior to your assemblies.  Also, Keith arrives thirty minutes early for each assembly and meets with school administers to go over what is happening at their school.


Q:  What staging does Keith need for his assemblies?

Keith prefers a hand held cordless microphone.  If a cordless microphone is not available, he prefers a microphone with a very long cord because he moves throughout the audience.  He also needs six chairs on stage.  Keith has performed in gyms, auditoriums, cafetoriums, and outdoor amphitheaters. He can perform just about anywhere as long as the audience is in front of him.  When performing in an auditorium, Keith would like to meet with the person that is in charge of the sound and lighting prior to the assemblies in order to dial in everything,


Q: What about the kids with “educational” labels?

Keith stayed back in the third grade because he could not read…and he could hardly read the second time through. He was given every label in the book; ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, and dysgraphic. He struggled through school and spent a lot of time in “special” classes and “special” programs. Keith over came the professional labels as well as the taunting that comes with “staying back” and special programming and went on to make Deans’ list in college. As a result of his experiences, Keith has a heart for the audiences most speakers avoid. He wants to talk to the kids in juvenile detention, alternative schools or tracks, or any other group of students that doesn’t fit in because they do not learn “like everybody else”. Keith has a presentation that only they will understand that he does not present to the general school audience. He doesn’t have a name for this show because it is different every time he does it and it’s more like a conversation. If you have such a group in mind, please include them in his tour. He is comfortable with “special needs” kids…he was one. Actually…he still does not fit in.

Q:  What about an anti bullying pledge?

Keith will email an anti bullying pledge for your students to sign after the assemblies.  Many schools print them off in different colors, have the students sign them, and post them throughout the school.


Q: Will Keith's Bullying Assembly address online bullying?

Physical, verbal, and online bullying all have the same root causes and manifestations. Keith addresses online bullying by exposing the causes of all bullying and prejudice behaviors. He also talks about the legal ramifications of on and offline bullying. The audience will understand that bullying can be interpreted as “threatening” or “violent” behavior even if physical contact is not made.


Q: Will we laugh?

Yes…after all, Keith does serious comedy.


Let’s get going, take your school back from the drama and distractions bullying causes, contact Keith Click Here to book your assemblies.